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What’s the Best Vape for a Heavy Smoker?
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What’s the Best Vape for a Heavy Smoker?

Because you need more nicotine than the normal person, heavy smokers may find it difficult to make the move to vaping. You require a vaping setup that efficiently delivers nicotine if you want to properly switch to vaping. You also need something that gives you a good, solid throat hit, which heightens your sense of enjoyment. If you're a heavy smoker, the little devices you can get at convenience stores, such as disposable vapes and e-cigarettes with pre-filled pods, generally won't satisfy you. A vape kit that offers a substantially higher degree of satisfaction is what you need. At電子煙, we've devoted a sizable portion of our research and development funds to producing just those kinds of gadgets.

You'll discover about the items we consider to be the top vapes for heavy smokers as you read this post. We'll go through why those gadgets are suitable for folks who need more nicotine and why they'll make you feel more satisfied than you would with the vaping equipment commonly found in convenience stores.

But let's start with a more generic approach before we talk about individual products. What characteristics should the finest e-cigarettes for heavy smokers always have?

For maximum throat hit, the best vape for heavy smokers uses mouth-to-lung inhalation.

The finest vapes for heavy smokers should simulate the experience of smoking a cigarette, which is one of its most significant features. A vaping device must possess the same tight airflow characteristics as a cigarette in order to simulate the feeling of smoking one. The vapor can reach your palate similarly to how cigarette smoke would with tight airflow.

But more crucially, a tight airflow vaping device will provide you with the strong throat impact you desire. If you smoke frequently, it's likely that you favor full-flavored cigarettes and that you anticipate and need a potent nicotine buzz. You don't only want a device that delivers a lot of nicotine; you also want a device that makes it feel like you're getting a lot of nicotine. The finest vaping device for your needs should mimic that sensation. There, throat hit is a crucial component.

High-Strength E-Liquids are optimized for usage with the best vape for heavy smokers.

You need a device with vapor production features that are precisely calibrated for your demands as a heavy smoker. You need a low-wattage device specifically made for use with high-nicotine e-liquids電子煙. If the vapor production is too low, it could be difficult for you to acquire enough nicotine to meet your needs. However, if the gadget is very powerful, vaping won't be possible at all. No matter how high your nicotine needs may be, using a sub-ohm vaping device with a high-strength e-liquid will be uncomfortable and bothersome.

A vaping device designed for high-nicotine e-liquids can typically be recognized just by looking at it. As we discussed in the article's preceding part, a device made for high-strength e-liquids will have restrictive airflow characteristics. It will include tiny intake ports to help with the restricted airflow. It will also feature a small mouthpiece that may have characteristics of a cigarette filter in terms of size and form.

A refillable vape would be ideal for someone who smokes a lot.

We hinted at the fact that purchasing an e-cigarette from a convenience store is nearly always a bad idea if you're a heavy smoker earlier in this post. That's in part because those vaping devices often produce relatively little vapor, which makes them unsatisfying for people who need a lot of nicotine.

However, the fact that convenience store e-cigarettes are simply too pricey for people with higher nicotine needs is the main reason why they aren't the greatest vapes for heavy smokers. You can find yourself spending more money on vaping if you have to purchase a new disposable vape or pack of pods every day. Vaping is not supposed to be like that; instead, it should be less expensive than smoking. Because bottled e-liquid is far less expensive than pre-filled vaping devices and pods, if you're a big smoker, you'll have a lot better experience with a refillable device.

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